Google Code Supports ColdFusion

written by Geoff Bowers on Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 07:00 PM

Google code search has updated their list of supported languages and happily this includes ColdFusion. I note with interest that Actionsciprt does not make the cut, although in reality you can still search for Actionscript code using the right regular expression.

A post from "Google Employee" confirms recent changes.

We just added support for additional programming languages: AppleScript, COBOL, ColdFusion, Haskell, Modula-2, Modula-3, OCaml, R, Rebol, SML, and VHDL. They now appear in the language drop-down on the Advanced Code Search page:

Although Actionscript is not on the primary list, the code is nevertheless indexed. Google Code Search supports POSIX extended regular expression syntax (excluding backreferences, collating elements, and collation classes) so the avid Flasher should be able to pick up the code they want with a couple of cunning keywords.