Odeo & Inline Flash Audio

written by Geoff Bowers on Sunday, 29 January, 2006 @ 01:00 AM

We talked earlier about Flash and the audio it will accept. I thought it would be cool to let folks here my podcasts through an inline Flash player, rather than compelling them to use something like iTunes to reach the content. Plus it gives folks a chance to review the content before they bother to subscribe to the feed and so on. Odeo is another one of these entrepreneurial sites hoping to cash in on the web 2.0 buzz -- a sort of del.icio.us of podcasting.


The gossip is that Odeo was founded by a bunch of ex-Macromedians (they're cropping up everywhere these days). I've no idea who they are but their site is pretty cool, and certainly offers the best options I've seen for easily playing your audio inline on your blog post.  Odeo allows you to tag and aggregate podcasts, and share them with friends. They also offer the ability to record and publish audio directly from their site with nothing but a mike Flash player on your machine.

Its amazing how much damage to your reputation a couple of minutes, some cut and paste and a bad yorkshire accent can do...


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