Lighting Up A Billion Mobile Devices

written by Geoff Bowers on Monday, 6 February, 2006 @ 12:00 AM

Mike gives an overview of the mobile device market and how it pertains to Flash. The whole Flash Lite story is a compelling pitch for would be mobile developers.  Although this webDU podcast is circa February 2005, its interesting to compare Mike's vision of the market and present day realities.  Uptake of Flash Lite, certainly in anglo-speaking markets has been slower than I'd hoped but things look very promising riding into 2006.

In Australia we still don't have a platform for Flash Lite application delivery -- well certainly nothing I could impress my mother with. But Flash Lite Player is increasingly available, and general interest appears to be accelerating.  Certainly this year at the webDU conference we have more sessions on mobile devices than ever before.

I've done my best to clean up the audio, however in keeping the size down I've introduced a little squeakiness to Mike's voice.. hopefully nothing you'd find distracting.  I also took the liberty of erasing a lot pauses and curtailed Downey's incessant mobile game playing ;)  Gasps, grunts and griping retained for authenticity.

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