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FarCry: Shared Hosting Made Easy

written by Geoff Bowers on Monday, 21 January, 2008 @ 04:04 PM

The FarCry Fortress release (the upcoming FarCry 5.0) has the ability to install in a variety of additional configurations -- in particular under the webroot. This will make life a lot easier for folks deploying into shared hosting environments.

FarCry Deploying v3 with v4

On the Eve of Disaster

written by Geoff Bowers on Monday, 21 January, 2008 @ 08:00 AM

Last year the MMORPG, Eve Online, released a patch that had the potential to bugger the operating system install of any Windows user upgrading. This monumental blunder bypassed engineering and QA processes to end up in the hands of tens of thousands of unwitting consumers.

Eve: Minmatar Assault Ship Wolf

CFCAMP Australia Speaker Notes

written by Geoff Bowers on Sunday, 20 January, 2008 @ 03:32 PM

The CFCAMPs in Australia were a great success last November. Thought I might link to the information and notes speakers have provided for the various CFCAMPs across Australia. We're missing a few sessions, but what is there is yours. Enjoy!

CFCAMP Speaker Notes

Adding Adobe ColdFusion Eclipse Extensions to Pulse

written by Geoff Bowers on Saturday, 19 January, 2008 @ 05:58 PM

Pulse is a nifty service that allows you to install and maintain an Eclipse development environment. Adding additional plugins is as easy as picking from a catalogue. But what if you want to install plugins that aren't on the official list? Well it turns out you can manually install these for each profile on your system.

Pulse: Adobe Eclipse Extensions

Merging with Subversion and Eclipse

written by Geoff Bowers on Friday, 18 January, 2008 @ 06:40 PM

Merging is not all that difficult, but if you are doing it for the first time or you only do it infrequently, you can get a bit knotted trying to work out what you're supposed to be doing. What follows is a little crib sheet for merging. Just happens to be using Subclipse for Eclipse but the same steps apply for any Subversion client.

SVN: Merging in Eclipse

Managing the host file on Leopard

written by Geoff Bowers on Tuesday, 15 January, 2008 @ 09:26 PM

Back in the days of Tiger (OSX 10.4) I use to manage hosts with the NetInfo Manager tool but alas this has seen an untimely demise in the Leopard (OSX 10.5) release. You can muck around with your local hosts file if you like but there are a couple of nifty tricks I've found useful.

Hosts Widget from Dissipate

Pulse: Eclipse Made Easy

written by Geoff Bowers on Sunday, 6 January, 2008 @ 04:46 PM

Been playing with the new Pulse profile manager for Eclipse and I'm loving it. This no-nonsense, customisable Eclipse distribution is way better than trying to work out which version of Eclipse platform you need and trying to install and debug your favourite plugin configuration. Another major bonus for development teams is the ability to share profiles so that you can easily get the whole company running a similar programming environment.

Pulse: MyEclipse for the Masses

XStandard Rich Text Editor for FarCry

written by Geoff Bowers on Wednesday, 12 December, 2007 @ 12:47 PM

XStandard is the leading standards-compliant plug-in WYSIWYG editor for desktop applications and browser-based content management systems (IE/Firefox/Safari/Opera). And my favourite rich text editor to boot -- now available for FarCry.

XStandard Integrates With Media Libraries

Application Specific Mappings Are Horribly Broken

written by Geoff Bowers on Friday, 7 December, 2007 @ 10:42 AM

Application Specific Mappings are a furphy and do not work as advertised in CF8. If you thought that Application.cfc mappings feature allowed you to override ColdFusion mappings you'd be wrong. cfimport, "extends" and "implements" do not adhere to application specific mappings as defined in Application.cfc.

FarCry CMS Bundle v4.0.9 Released

written by Geoff Bowers on Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 05:03 PM

4.0.9 is a significant maintenance release incorporating a variety of minor enhancements to both the framework and associated plugins. The last bundle release was based on the 4.0.3 version of the framework, so if you haven't been keeping pace with the underlying framework updates here's a chance to deal with everything in one fell swoop.