Daemonite: FourQ CFC Content Object API (COAPI) Archive

Daemonite: FourQ CFC Content Object API (COAPI) Archive

Saturday, January 04, 2003
FourQ CFC Content Object API (COAPI)

The FourQ project endeavours to build a content object application programming interface (COAPI) for use with CFMX CFCs. This custom, object persistence layer will also incorporate utilities for deploying and managing the content in the object store and provide an application framework for the development of content management systems (CMS).

FourQ itself is not a content management system. It is a base set of components and an associated architecture for building any relevant application. However, the intitial intent is to provide services to support content management.

FourQ is based on the theory that it only takes four database queries to provide a persistence layer for a component: select, insert, update and delete. At the very least these CFCs are a good learning tool for ColdFusion Component persistence and inheritence.

Documentation and downloads are availabe from:

The code for the COAPI is pretty complete (ie. beyond ALPHA) and forms the basis of a couple of production Content Management Solutions. The documentation is a little out of date, but like i said, "it's a work in progress".

More on this later as I find time to isolate the fourq code for public release and eventually get round to building a series of tutorials for building simple applications.

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Version b111, now. Support MySQL.

Posted by: Bolsa trabajo on May 31, 2003 08:50 AM