Daemonite: Flash Remoting Forms Funkit Archive

Daemonite: Flash Remoting Forms Funkit Archive

Monday, November 25, 2002
Flash Remoting Forms Funkit

I've put together a collection of Flash Remoting examples that I hope will illustrate some of the potential of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) in how they can be used to replace standard HTML forms.

All examples use standard Flash UI components that are freely available with Macromedia Flash MX.

They can be downloaded from the Daemon site by following this link.

A full description of what's included follows:

Combo boxes populating combo boxes example

Two combo boxes (HTML select controls) that are part of the Flash UI Components set, the first is populated by Flash Remoting as the Flash movie loads.

Making a selection from the first calls the CFC on ColdFusion MX again, passing a parameter via Flash Remoting to use as a filter in a query, this then populates the second combo box.

We're often asked in our ColdFusion courses how this might be done in HTML, it can easily be achieved via Flash Remoting with a small amount of code.

Combo boxes, completed form example


Two combo boxes, like in the previous example one populating the other dynamically again.

In this example making a selection from the second Combo box calls the same CFC on ColdFusion MX so that we can retrieve the details of a specific record.

The example is presented as an employee record look up.

Combo Box & List Box component example

The ActionScript for this was adapted from the two Combo boxes example while answering a question posted on the FlashKit Flash MX forum.

The example works the same way as the other example, only the List box is populated first by Flash Remoting.

Tree component example

In this example data from the same CFC is presented in the standard Tree component that is part of Flash UI Components Set 2.

The nodes are added to the tree as it loads with data received from an initial call sent via Flash Remoting to the CFC on ColdFusion MX.

Expanding a node calls the CFC via Flash Remoting once more, populating the Tree it once the values are received.

This makes use of a "loading..." prompt displayed within the Tree node while it waits for data. Once populated the node is effectively cached.

Tree Component, completed form example


The exact same Tree component and sample code as the previous example, the code has been enhanced to demonstrate it's use within a form.

Choosing a child from one of the nodes calls the CFC again, retrieving the details for the selected record.

List swap interface

This is an extra that I thought that I'd throw in because it emulates a useful form functionality, built using two standard List boxes from the Flash UI Components set.

At load the Flash movie has two List boxes side by side with the left List box being populated by Flash Remoting at start.

Buttons across the bottom of these two List boxes allow the user to swap items between lists, ActionScript sorts the lists after the swap has occurred.

You have the ability to move individual items or all currently within a list.


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Good Work Andrew,
Now I'm also into remoting stuff. I'm using coldfusion & server side actionscripting for the back end.

Posted by: Arul on November 25, 2002 11:04 PM


Posted by: dean on February 6, 2003 12:59 PM


Posted by: Alex on February 23, 2003 08:13 AM

nice samples. i have been looking where to fins manuals on how to use these components. but no luck yet.

Posted by: til on April 8, 2003 05:07 AM

Hi Andrew,

Its really usefull information for me now i m using server side flash actionscripting.

Thanx a lot

Posted by: zan on July 5, 2003 05:13 PM