Daemonite: Fullasagoog RDF Feeds Available Archive

Daemonite: Fullasagoog RDF Feeds Available Archive

Sunday, January 19, 2003
Fullasagoog RDF Feeds Available

Have finally gotten round to re-syndicating the blended Goog blog feed as RDF. So now you can use a standard NewsAggregator tool to read Fullasagoog, or repurpose the feed to your hearts content. Feeds updated on the hour.

The complete, full-roasted, blended feed for Fullasagoog is available, from these locations with 30 and 50 posts respectively:

The following individual category feeds are available, with 30 posts each:

[Valid RSS]
The feeds are all validating happily -- tested at http://feeds.archive.org/validator/. I've already tested the great nntp//rss feed converter (http://www.methodize.org/nntprss) in my copy of Mozilla 1.2 and its working well. If you have any difficulty with the feeds just let me know.

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