Daemonite: CFMX Garbage Collection Archive

Daemonite: CFMX Garbage Collection Archive

Saturday, May 03, 2003
CFMX Garbage Collection

If CFMX seems to be chewing on your memory you might put out the garbage to clean things up. The Java runtime accepts several flags that allow you to modify the behaviour of the underlying garbage collector.

Modifying the Max/Min HeapFreeRatio flags allows you to keep the server's memory usage minimized by increasing the aggressiveness of the garbage collector.

Spike Washburn of the CFMX Development Team recommends the following JVM flag:

This flag causes the garbage collector to run more frequently, which is great for local development -- but you may need to use a higher setting for production environments (depending on your site's activity).

You can learn more about JVM Options and more specifically about Garbage Collection at the Sun site.

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