Daemonite: DRK4 Pollster Application Archive

Daemonite: DRK4 Pollster Application Archive

Saturday, August 02, 2003
DRK4 Pollster Application

Polls Running In FarCry CMS Well I decided to sit down and do something with DRK4. Lot of Macromedians playing with the Pollster App but not so many other folk -- so I wanted to see just how easy it was to get going. Being a sucker for punishment I decided I might as well integrate it into the FarCry CMS as well.

I mucked around for a while trying to get the thing to install properly on IIS. Looks like there are some problems with the way this web server handles basic authentication (no real surprises there) -- nothing whipping up a login form wouldn't fix. Christian covers this quite well on his blog.

Had some troubles upsizing the Access database to SQL Server 7, but if you're happy to just play with the Access database it's all pretty painless. Make sure you install things into the webroot otherwise you'll have to follow through with a bit of messy find & replacing till you get things up and running. For those who are interested, I wrote up a quick how-to showing just how incredibly easy it is to integrate things into FarCry CMS: Integrating DRK4 Pollster - A Walkthrough

And if you just want to see how it looks in situ I've put a poll on the Spectra migration page.

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