Daemonite: More on Central & Screens Archive

Daemonite: More on Central & Screens Archive

Thursday, January 15, 2004
More on Central & Screens

Following up on yesterday's post on Central & screens… One of the reasons that I've been using screens myself in my Central development is that I find that the screens metaphor is well applied to use of the MAccordianTab component. With ActionScript it’s easy to swap the visibility of screens to show content as the tabs are clicked.

You can publish your movie for Flash Player 7 and it’ll work in Central, but I’ve encountered some problems that, after a bit of experimenting, weren’t fixed until I changed the publishing settings to Flash Player 6.

While attachMovie() will work in Central and in screens for conventional Flash, it won’t work if you publish a Player 7 screens movie for Central, it will if you publish for Player 6.

While I tend to use ActionScript to control components, I noticed that modifying Central components via the Property Inspector had no effect if publishing for Player 7 for Central, change the Publish settings to 6 and they do.

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