Daemonite: Enhancing CFMX logging Archive

Daemonite: Enhancing CFMX logging Archive

Monday, September 13, 2004
Enhancing CFMX logging

By making a few changes to the configuration of the underlying JRUN server, you can increase the amount of gumph logged by CFMX. This can be real useful in times of need when its not all too clear what's going on under the hood of your application.

[note to self: make sure you make a copy of these files before you change them]

Modifying the JRUN logging service

Hunt around for this directory {CFMX install}\runtime\servers\default\SERVER-INF. The relevant JRUN XML config files should be here. The specific file we're after for the logging service is: jrun.xml. Find the LoggerService in the jrun.xml file. Set the following two entries to "true"

  • <attribute name="debugEnabled">false</attribute>
  • <attribute name="metricsEnabled">false</attribute>

Changing "event.log" to "{log.level}" will create separate log files for each different type of event:
<attribute name="filename">{jrun.rootdir}/logs/{jrun.server.name}-event.log</attribute>
<attribute name="filename">{jrun.rootdir}/logs/{jrun.server.name}-{log.level}</attribute>

The logs are written to {CFMX install}\runtime\logs.

Be sure to reverse these changes when your done because they can cause a bit of overhead on the server.

[kudos to Rob "CrawDaddy" Rusher for enlightening me]

Looks like Brandon Purcell has more on the same topic Performance Tuning and Monitoring Coldfusion or JRun

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