Daemonite: RIA Evolutionary Timeline Archive

Daemonite: RIA Evolutionary Timeline Archive

Sunday, January 23, 2005
RIA Evolutionary Timeline

Martin Ollman passed me this superb graphic representation of what I like to call the "RIA Evolutionary Timeline". Actually in truth I call it something like, "the whopping, great big, unprintable graphic about Flex positioning" -- but you get the gist.

I've squished it into shape and republished as Flash Paper so you can get a handle on it. Although it doesn't quite do the original graphic justice, it should print reasonably well to A4 Landscape. Use the full window view for Flash Paper (button on toolbar) for the best viewing results.

Not much really to fault with the diagram, except perhaps a better showing for ColdFusion. Certainly it helps to position the various RIA elements with respect to other web technologies.

Martin has since become the Technical Director of a Macromedia/Open Source focused - Canberra based start-up called 108 Digital. Hopefully we'll catch up at MXDU so I can find out what this top secret, black-ops project of his is all about :)

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ta geoff.

I will have a new version for MXDU - splits off into SVG/XAML,etc. Also going to look at adding the various flash platform types (FVM, FlashLite, OEM'ed) - Thinking of having it printed up x100 for mxdu attendees, what do you think?.

Getting excited, very excited about MXDU.

Posted by: Martin on January 25, 2005 10:16 AM