Daemonite: Flash video coming of age Archive

Daemonite: Flash video coming of age Archive

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Flash video coming of age

For a company that spends most of its time working with traditional web design and development, we seem to be doing more and more video work for clients. Traditional? Can you use that word for web technology yet? At any rate it looks like video content is fast becoming the norm.

Stefan Richter has a great little demo contrasting the video quality of Flash player 7 with the newly released player 8. Obviously you'll need Flash player 8 to give it a test drive (look for the version 8 beta link).

Despite the head start of Real, Windows Media and Quicktime formats, Flash appears to be catching up fast. Anecdotally I see Flash video more and more every day. Frankly it amazes me given the difference in the overall experience Flash player offers that its not used more often.

Given the general quality of web based video content playing at postage stamp size you'd have thought the ease of production and flexibility in deployment with Flash would have won out everytime. Prior to Flash Player 8 you could argue that quality was an important factor but coupled with the ubiquity of Flash player in general its going to be hard to go past Flash for non-specialist video content.

And it looks like a lot of folks are beginning to see that:

Mind you, Macromedia have some work to do getting mums, dads and freaks home video converted over to Flash format. The volume of kooky amateur video flooding the web is nothing short of astounding and nary a Flash video in sight.

Useful Macromedia resources abound:

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