Daemonite: Mailguard: Spam Canning Solution Archive

Daemonite: Mailguard: Spam Canning Solution Archive

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Mailguard: Spam Canning Solution

We're currently canning 40% of all our email as SPAM. Having tried a lot of different solutions we've settled on Mailguard, an externally hosted mail cleaner that handles viruses, corporate wide email policies and SPAM.

Daily Inbound Daemon Email

I've included a graph from my weekly manager's report. The navy blue is SPAM, green normal email and the yellow viruses. What's astounding is the sheer volume of SPAM in percentage terms. And sadly even after 40% of the email has been removed we still get a trickle of SPAM making it way into our mailboxen.

Basically the system works like this:

  • all inbound and outbound mail is routed through the Mailguard system
  • both McAffee and Sophos virus engines process the email
  • corporate policies are applied blocking or quarantining unwanted attachments and the like (optional)
  • a barrage SPAM filters are applied scoring every email (the higher the more SPAM like)
  • anything below a certain score we let pass through, the next range of scores gets quarantined and then anything over another, higher threshold I just have killed on the servers

The cool thing is I can configure this to suit the company. Plus I get a cute little report every week telling me how much money I've saved by canning all this SPAM. Great little marketing piece :)

We're paying a monthly subscription for each active mailbox in the company and in return we get all our inbound and outbound email processed through the Mailguard servers. We haven't noticed any real degredation in email performance, in terms of delivery time and we certainly feel a lot more comfortable about email management.

Oh and last but not least, we've opted for SafeGuard which has all our inbound and outbound email burnt to DVD each month and delivered to the office. Just in case a meteorite strikes the building.

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