July 26, 2002
CFMX Global Error Handler
The global error handler in CFMX behaves quite differently to that in ColdFusion 5. The documentation surrounding the change in functionality is not the best. On top of that it looks like there are a few quirks to look out for.
Posted by modius at 11:23 PM
July 25, 2002
ColdFusion MX Performance Brief
Macromedia have released a whitepaper on performance comparing CFMX and CF5 on various platforms. ColdFusion MX outperforms ColdFusion 5 in both performance and scalability. Testing was done on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
Posted by modius at 12:04 PM
July 20, 2002
Type Creation Tags dmCreateTypev2 for Spectra
Daemon type creation scripts (dmCreateTypev2) enable developers to evolve the object model. If you need to create, modify, add or remove methods or properties on a type, build your types with these tags.
Posted by modius at 11:39 PM
July 19, 2002
Complex Query Objects in CFMX
Been mucking around with variables again. Looks like the ColdFusion MX query object can now hold complex values. To my surprise you can now bung in structures, arrays and even other query objects. Not entirely sure what weird and wonderful things one might try now that this is possible but there it is.
Posted by modius at 10:00 PM
July 18, 2002
Upgrading AXIS Web Services Not Possible
A bit of a provcative statement from a J2EE neophyte, perhaps. Having tinkered a fair bit and chatted to a few people I think we'll have to wait for the next service pack to see an upgrade to the internal CFMX webservices module.
Posted by modius at 07:16 PM
July 17, 2002
Macromedia Flash Updates
Macromedia released the final version of Airwolf today, the latest version of the Flash player. This includes bug fixes (including...
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July 16, 2002
AXIS Web Services goes Beta 3
I note with interest that the Apache AXIS group have released beta 3 of their implementation of the SOAP ("Simple Object Access Protocol"). CFMX web services is based on an earlier beta release of this project.
Posted by modius at 11:36 PM
July 15, 2002
Dumping Functions
The new CFDUMP in CFMX is full of surprises. Not only can you dump ColdFusion variables but just about everything else. Dumping functions and gives you all the detail you could want about the variables to pass in, the appropriate format and more.
Posted by modius at 07:01 PM
July 14, 2002
XML Doc Obj Dump Has Two Modes
If you have done any work with XML within CFMX you will no doubt have used CFDUMP to view the XML Document Object. However, what's not well known is that CFDUMP has two different views for XML; long and short. Here's how to get to both!
Posted by modius at 07:01 PM
July 10, 2002
Smart Structs in CFMX preserve case in keynames
Had a weird issue in a CF5->CFMX app conversion. The javascript in one of the admin interfaces was failing. Turned out that the JS assumed that the structure keynames would all be UPPERCASE. It appears that CFMX preserves the casing in the keyname depending on how you declare the variable.
Posted by modius at 06:18 PM
July 08, 2002
Web services from behind a proxy
Ever wondered whether it's possible to consume a web service in CFMX from behind a proxy server? The tag doesn't appear to have the required attributes, and there isn't anything in the documentation but here's how...
Posted by modius at 08:52 PM
July 07, 2002
ColdFusion MX built-in web server
Found a great little tech note on the web server that ships with the CFMX install. Typically this installs with a webroot of c:\cfusionmx\wwwroot\ and a port number of 8500. If you need to change these settings, disable file broswing or say add a virtual mapping you ought to check out this little gem.
Posted by modius at 06:56 PM
July 06, 2002
Searching XML docs with XPATH
CFMX ships with an XPATH engine that is called using the XMLSearch() function. It's great and absolutely dead simple to use. I've got a few code examples to share that I whipped up playing with http://fullasagoog.com/
Posted by modius at 05:38 PM
July 05, 2002
Serverside Validation Bug in CFMX
It's not a showstopper, hell it's hardly a blip. But it may cause some folks some grief so I thought I'd mention it. The classic CF server side validation using hidden fields doesn't render the custom error message in CFMX.
Posted by modius at 07:35 PM