November 28, 2003
Fullasagoog goes multi-lingual
Fullasagoog now aggregates Deutsche, English, Español, Français, Italiano, and Português blogs. Set your preferences to include the languages you want. This is really a service for folk who speak languages other than english and want to read everything in the same place. There are no magic translations here.
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November 27, 2003
Bob Regan's Antipodean Adventure
Bob's doing the rounds downunder. Great opportunity to see Macromedias top accessibility expert in person coming up across the sun-burnt country. Macromedia is hosting a series of free seminars in captital cities.
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November 17, 2003
Flex will take the shine out of Sparkle
With the announcement of Macromedia Flex (previously code named Royale) and MXML Macromedia have managed to reveal just how on the ball they really are. All the excitement about Microsoft's Sparkle for Longhorn has been wasted - here's something that's OS/hardware/platform independant - why it'll even work on a mobile device! And as for the markup...
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November 15, 2003
10GB iPods for $11.00 on Amazon
Seems too good to be true, not believeing my own eyes I got Oscar Trelles to check it out too. The both of us placed orders, got our confirmation emails from Amazon, only to get an email four hours later to say that "the seller is currently unable to accept payment" - something very dogey is going on here. This product is at the time of publishing still being advertised by the same merchant at the same price on Amazon if you care to check it out for yourself, I just wish that I had the legal resources to pursue it further.
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November 05, 2003 Shadow of the Mothership?
I noticed yesterday that the Sound Forge site ( has had a re-design since the Sony takeover and couldn't help thinking how similar it was now to
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Speaking at W4C this weekend...
I'm presenting at W4C this weekend, talking about XML & Flash MX 2004, so if you're in Hobart swing by and say g'day.
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