January 30, 2004
Stone the Crows!!!
There's a number of high profile international ColdFusion and Flash developers heading Down Under in a couple of weeks to speak at MXDU (http://www.webdu.com.au) and it's timely to see that "Aussie English for Beginners" has reached volume three (http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/01/30/1075340827181.html) - might help those poms and yanks that are coming work out what charming phrases like "stunned mullet" or "it's noice, different, unusual" might mean...
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January 27, 2004
Developer Spotlight: Geoff Bowers
Geoff Bowers is the CEO of Daemon, a Web development company in Sydney. We recently caught up with Geoff to talk about Web services, surviving the dot com crash, and the decision to open source Daemon's flagship content management system.
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January 26, 2004
Australia Day: Thong Throwing Comp.
Happy Australia Day to one and all. Was at Dee Why beach this morning for the celebrations, saw an Aussie traditional sport that some might be interested in: Thong Throwing. Now some of you might reel at the name, but the humble thong has a different meaning Down Under - it's the footwear for the common man (AKA the "Flip Flop" for the ignorant).
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January 23, 2004
MXDU: Central Birds of a Feather
MXDU 2004 (http://www.webdu.com.au) is less than four weeks away now and Scott Mebberson and I will be both presenting on Central. If we can get enough interested parties we'd also like to co-host a Central "Birds of a Feather" during MXDU. This will be like a mini user group - would anyone coming to MXDU be interested to attend if such an event were to be put on?
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January 16, 2004
since1968 Interviews Nick Bradbury
Marc Garrett of since1968 has released an interview on my least hated, favourite developer Nick Bradbury. Nick and I enoy an intimate relationship -- well ok, so I've been using Homesite, TopStyle and recently FeedDemon daily for years.
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BigPond Music: Some people just don't get it...
Telstra, a very large Australian company who should know better, launched BigPond Music today (http://www.bigpondmusic.com/home.asp), and while some might be excited by the whole pay for download concept for music the site itself is a tragedy. The content on the home page excited me when I first saw it, it looked like an RIA, smelt like an RIA, interacted like an RIA - but try out the search form or genre selector and what do you get, major page refresh for the search results. What a pity their development team chose to go down the traditional form/action page track, why not just build the whole thing in HTML - shows a great lack of understanding of the technology that's available and that's being used on their part.
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January 15, 2004
Central: Build & Test Techniques
Probably the great frustration of Central development for me is that I cannot CRTL + Enter to test my application. Scott Mebberson's suggestion would be a Central emulator like the PocketPc emulators used by other developers, that just might work. What's your build & test technique for Central? I'm kicking it off with mine below...
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More on Central & Screens
Following up on yesterday's post on Central & screens. One of the reasons that I've been using screens myself in my Central development is that I find that the screens metaphor is well applied to use of the MAccordianTab component. With ActionScript it's easy to swap the visibility of screens to show content as the tabs are clicked.
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January 14, 2004
Fantastic DataGrid CellRenderer Examples
Stumbled across this site while looking for something else: http://philflash.inway.fr/example.html. The site's in French but the author, Philippe Nomail, has some great code examples for download - particularly his HtmlCellRenderer, worth visiting for this code alone.
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Central and Screens
There's no reason why you can't build your Central application using screens. The two things for Central & Screens harmony are: 1. A new Screens application will be set to publish for Player 7 by default while this works you'll find that your Central app will work better with the standard settings, change publish settings to Player 6 & "Optimize for Flash Player 6 r65", set your FPS to 21. 2. Modify your Central ActionScript to: Central.initApplication(_parent, this);
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Central DataGrid Enhancements
I'm in the middle of building a Central app and noticed a bonus in the Central version of the MDataGrid component that I don't think has been previously blogged.
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