September 14, 2004
Maximum JVM heap size for CFMX
We've been building and setting up a few large CFMX applications of late. When it comes down to optimising and tuning the CFMX set up there's always plenty of debate. I thought it would be interesting to get folks feed back on Maximum JVM heap size.
Posted by modius at 10:49 PM
The science of version numbering
Version numbering seems more like art than science! Between the magic of marketing the reality of software programming there must be some method to the madness. Here are some thoughts on how Daemonites use the concept of version numbers.
Posted by modius at 03:28 PM
Setting function vars in CFSCRIPT
Great! You can var variables for functions inside of CFSCRIPT blocks. This may be old news for many folks as it's a CFMX 6.1 change. But it's something I've only recently stumbled across.
Posted by modius at 01:06 PM
CFC look-up path
You can store ColdFusion components in a variety of places in your application. CFMX looks through these addresses in a particular order to find the CFC.
Posted by modius at 12:53 PM
September 13, 2004
Enhancing CFMX logging
By making a few changes to the configuration of the underlying JRUN server, you can increase the amount of gumph logged by CFMX. This can be real useful in times of need when its not all too clear what's going on under the hood of your application.
Posted by modius at 04:42 PM
September 12, 2004
Dynamic class loading in CFMX
Many developers seem keen to add things to the Java class path for their ColdFusion installations. Generally I rely on JRUNs dynamic class loading folders to store third-party Java libraries rather than modify the class path directly.
Posted by modius at 05:43 PM
Search Engine Friendly URLs for CFMX
A recurring question on lists and forums is the generation of so called "search engine safe" or SES URLs. But URLs ought to be human readable and friendly too if you can help it.
Posted by modius at 12:37 PM
September 04, 2004
MXDU2005: Venue booked, dates confirmed, call for papers!
We have nailed the dates for the third Asia-Pacific MX Developers Conference, MX DownUnder 2005. Start working on the boss to book that much needed antipodean junket.
Posted by modius at 07:08 PM