November 29, 2004
FarCry Breezo went off without a hitch: recording available
The FarCry Overview Breeze demo was a great success -- looks like we had at least 50 people at one...
Posted by modius at 10:14 AM
November 25, 2004
FarCry Overview: Friday 3PM (Sydney Time)
Just a quick note to say I'll be giving an overview of the FarCry CMS solution as part of the Macromedia APAC Server Community seminars. This is an Breeze Live presentation that anyone is welcome to drop by.
Posted by modius at 06:06 PM
CFEclipse and webservices
There are a couple of WSDL interpreters already for Eclipse but they are very Java focused. Seeing as CFMX does...
Posted by modius at 10:56 AM
November 01, 2004
Goog Master prepares for Taipei junket
Well folks only a couple more days before I head out to Hong Kong then onto Taipei for MAX Taiwan. I submitted my quirky bio and a lousy photograph so I've no idea what folks over that way are going to think. Still if they want to hear about ColdFusion clustering they'll hear plenty.
Posted by modius at 11:21 PM