May 27, 2005
Verity File Indexation Performance Boost
The Verity engine ColdFusion ships with is ideal for free text searching across file based content. Working recently on a large file library we stumbled across a technique for improving the performance of indexing and building Verity file collections.
Posted by modius at 08:58 AM
Bugalicious duplicate() bamboo shoot
Try this bugalicious little duplicate() test case... spent me last bit of sanity trying to chase down this little bugger so i thought i'd share the "strap me down on a fast growing bamboo shoot" pain.
Posted by modius at 12:34 AM
May 23, 2005
Flamenco Chick Puts Her Foot Down
Daemonite, Daniela Carelli, is the star of a foot stomping romp here in Sydney this week. If you're a Flamenco aficionado (and even if you're not), there will be plenty to clap your hands and stomp your feet about. Daniela's Flamenco Women Productions presents "Cuadro Flamenco" - a professional Flamenco dance production, showcasing this amazing art form at its best.
Posted by modius at 11:44 PM
May 03, 2005
FarCry Rebranding.
We are in the process of rebranding and redesigning our beloved opensource content management system called FarCry and wanted to explain the process involved (specifically the logo design) and invite your comments.
Posted by pot at 05:54 PM