Daemonite: CVS Archive

Daemonite: CVS Archive

October 14, 2004
TortoiseCVS v1.8.1 released

My favourite Windows CVS client has a new release. TortoiseCVS integrates CVS version control directly into Windows Explorer. You can right click on files and folders to commit, update and fully use CVS. Icons are highlighted in different colours to show they are in CVS or that you have changed them.

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September 14, 2004
The science of version numbering

Version numbering seems more like art than science! Between the magic of marketing the reality of software programming there must be some method to the madness. Here are some thoughts on how Daemonites use the concept of version numbers.

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August 22, 2003
TortoiseCVS 1.4.5 Released

TortoiseCVS has been updated. It doesn't do everything you might need but when they say "Enjoyable version control" they mean it. Not sure that this version offers much more than increased stability, some esoteric bug fixes and help for unusual configuration but what's encouraging is TortoiseCVS is getting some loving once more.

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August 03, 2003
Book Review: Essential CVS

Everytime I venture off into town to get my back-cracked I like to tour the bookstores and see if anything interesting has been published. Finally O'Reilly have put out a book on the basics of version control and source code management using CVS.

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May 19, 2003
CVSMonitor - keeping an eye on the karma

Stumbled across a superb piece of CVS mastery -- this CVSMonitor thing is CVS Nirvana. I've searched high and low for something half decent and this exceeds all expectations.

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October 03, 2002
TortoiseCVS (Enjoyable Version Control)

Tortoise is a Windows client for the ever popular CVS source control. I've been working with Tortoise CVS for some time... only discovered today that the open source dev team on this project has been pumping out updates last crazy the last few months. Version 1.1.4 was released this week and it's well worth the look.

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