FarCry 5.1.6: Community Distribution Released

written by Geoff Bowers on Friday, 26 June, 2009 @ 07:44 PM

While development on the next version of FarCry 5.2 has been proceeding at a furious pace, there has been a whole raft of small fixes, and enhancements for the current FarCry 5.1 release. Get the latest cumulative roll-up of enhancements, bug fixes and tweaks.

For those that aren't FarCry Community regulars, here's a quick run down of highlights from recent patch releases:

  • 5.1.6: Tree permissions performance optimisation (FC-1870) and a variety of miscellaneous changes. Full release notes
  • 5.1.5: Railo engine compatibility fixes. Full release notes
  • 5.1.4: Application initialisation performance improvement (FC-1821); updateapp restarts approximately three times faster. Fixed site overview tree permission UI and related performance (FC-1842). Full release notes
  • 5.1.3: Patches a potential security flaw i some deployment configurations; strong recommendation to upgrade. Full release notes
  • 5.1.2: Patched an old content security flaw (FC-1790), and various updates to form tools (especially State), among other minor chnages. Full release notes
  • 5.1.1: Initial patch release post the launch of 5.1 -- highly recommended for all installations. Full release notes

Upgrading from an earlier version of 5.1 only requires copying the code base over the top of the existing framework, and restarting your applications. If you are upgrading from earlier versions of FarCry you might need to run an "updater" to assist in the migration -- give us a shout in the developer forums and we'll see what we can do to help.



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