FarCry 5.1 Public Beta Released

written by Geoff Bowers on Wednesday, 7 January, 2009 @ 06:38 PM

We've recently released another public beta for FarCry 5.1. There's a full community distro, complete with FarCry CMS for your installing pleasure. What was originally just a series of UI improvements, i18n updates and friendly URLs overhaul has blossomed into a very significant release - over 200 issues resolved.

There may be another beta after this one, so check under "nightlies" for the latest bundle, for example "farcry-community-5-1-0-BetaB.zip":

Or you can pull it direct from the public Subversion repository:

(We use a bunch of externals to fish out the various code bases that make up a distribution.)

The underlying Core framework is already very stable - we've had live sites running on 5.1 since October. The Daemonites have spent the last few months enhancing the deployments of an array of different clients running the beta in production; knocking off a bunch of long standing bugs, and porting in some great feature enhancements.

Cool things to try out in the beta:

  • Brand new friendly URL sub-system (ok FarCry has always had awesome SEO urls, only now you have complete control to tailor them however you please)
  • The awkward, but aptly named, "floater" menu widget has been replaced by "the tray"; a greatly improved user experience.
  • Much improved Railo and OpenBD support
  • Internationalisation (i18n) improvements galore; we might actually get a bunch of translations done in the next release
  • Big performance boost - createUUID() is woefully slow (especially on Windows), so we cobbled together our own super-speedy alternative
  • Improved webskin (FarCry term for a view) caching, list views and more

When will be finished? Assuming we don;t get a last minute rush of reported issues, any day now I'd say. We probably could have released 5.1 in early December but we've wanted to find time to bring the non-Adobe CFML engine support up to speed. So if you're an OpenBD or Railo developer your feedback would be much appreciated.


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