IE8, Microsoft's Best Effort at Righting Past Wrongs?

written by Geoff Bowers on Sunday, 15 February, 2009 @ 11:05 AM

While not specifically anti-IE, most web developers are nearly all pro web standards.  By and large the developers I jostle with are building in some incarnation of gecko or webkit. Then it's hack and slay till it's tamed to work with IE in order to satisfy some random stake-holder.  The mounting frustration inevitably leads web developers to use their influence to reduce IE's footprint.

Anecdotally I'd say that your average web developer works on the theory of "anything but IE" in their day to day browser usage.  IE is endured because of its market share, and little else. Microsoft would get a lot of value out of convincing this crowd that IE8 is Microsoft's best effort at righting past wrongs.

As IE8 moves into production, they could start by making a compelling argument for why web designers/developers should be building on IE8 and then testing on other browsers, rather than the other way around.

Windows IE8 Beta Home Page does nothing for me at the moment.

I want to see options that make developers' lives easier, such as in-built debugging tools for web design and development. Or perhaps a plugin architecture that lets the community build it's own.

What is Microsoft doing to get people off IE6? Some insight into why the IE6 crack-habit has been so difficult for users to kick would be very interesting. Here's hoping that once Microsoft actually have a browser worth upgrading to, there will finally be a platform the web community can endorse and actively encourage users to upgrade to -- while letting corporate curmudgeons maintain their homogeneous Windows fiefdoms.

Perhaps "IE8 for developers, developers, developers" will reveal all.