Desktop Keeley: Page 3 Distraction (Uncensored!)

written by Geoff Bowers on Friday, 18 July, 2008 @ 04:01 PM

Desktop Keeley is an Adobe AIR application, built by Glue London, for the Sun newspaper in England. Keeley is a regular Page 3 sensation who makes a profound contribution to society in her role as a mischievous genie in a laptop. Ok, it’s true she doesn’t have many lines - but she’s a sophisticated, method-actor with passion.

"No longer just a model with impeccable assets, the Page 3 sensation has turned her talents to acting, singing, and now keeping you bang up-to-date with the latest news, sport and showbiz gossip around the clock as often as you desire."
Behind the scenes at Desktop Keeley

Well all right, Keeley is a lingerie model in high heels that blows kisses, and parades up and down your desktop.

Keely: The Cold Shoulder

One of Keeley's favourite past times is walking centre stage and causing a scene. The chroma keying is very well done; you can wave your windows around Keeley and she floats on the desktop with barely a ragged edge. On the OSX dock, Keeley’s heels skate along like she’s on the catwalk, reflection and all.

Keely: Cheeky Screen Grafitti

Some of Keeley's antics can be a bit cheeky — here she's doing a bit of lipstick graffiti on screen. You can summon Keeley to "Come Out To Play" any time from the Dock, or ask her to pay you a visit on a regular interval - certainly beats one of those "stretch & exercise" dialogues. Overall it's a pretty slick implementation of a transparent AIR application, and seamlessly cross platform to boot.

Keely: The Naked Truth

Oh, did I mention Keeley introduces the news? If you can't get enough of Wacko Jacko, and various celebrities putting their "breast foot forward" then its possible this RSS reader will lighten up your day.