FarCry 4.1: Roadmap for Fortress

written by Geoff Bowers on Wednesday, 17 October, 2007 @ 12:15 PM

Update: You can track the Fortress Roadmap progress on the FarCry Developer Wiki.

The next release of FarCry Core is codenamed Fortress. The roadmap centers on refactoring the internal security model and strengthening the underlying web application framework. Hopefully there is plenty in here for everyone, users and developers alike.

The work list is still in a state of flux and what follows is based on the core development teams personal itches and feedback from Daemon development and support clients. We're publishing the roadmap in the hope of eliciting feedback from the wider FarCry community. The roadmap is written in a short-hand that makes sense to us, if something needs a bit of elaboration let us know in the comments.

Timeline estimates see us delivering a working beta early December 2007 with a final release early February 2008.

FarCry 4.1: Fortress Roadmap


  • replace Application.cfm/OnRequestEnd.cfm
  • allow project specific mappings

Security refactoring

  • convert security tables to content types
  • replace all UI elements
  • ensure multiple user directories work
  • create better hooks for external directories
  • use cases include Active Directory, LDAP and OpenID
  • Integrate Audit sub-section for reporting
  • Clearly define the "permission set" construct
  • Provide scaffolding for permission sets
  • remove security cache from serverscope
  • hooks for replacing dmProfile with custom content types

Internationalisation (i18n)

  • re-engineer i18n to accommodate core, plugins and project
  • localisation of the webtop (replace existing approach)
  • resource bundles for core, common plugins, projects
  • engage community for translations

Resource Bundle Plugin

  • for development and translation

Inline Documentation

  • sub section summaries based on component metadata
  • extend webtop config xml elements for i18n text

Form Components

  • ability to use formtools without content type machinery
  • appropriate with Quick Builder UIs and so on

Request.InHead Refactoring

  • load HTML HEAD libraries and metadata on demand
  • conflict and dependency resolution engine
  • integration with objectbroker and webskin caching

Standardise UI on extJS 2.0

  • remove prototype and dependencies
  • remove JQuery
  • remove qForms

CSS Changes

  • remove generic descriptors for HTML elements
  • always use class or ID
  • remove all inline styles
  • base lined with YUI reset fonts approach

Friendly URLs

  • convert refFriendlyURL to content type
  • refactor all ui and references to FUs

Remove Reporting Tab

  • convert webstats functionality to external plugin
  • move audit reporting to security section

Remove Verity Configuration

  • convert all Verity services to external plugin

Config refactoring

  • convert config to content type
  • convert config edit handler to use form components
  • remove deprecated config items

Plugin Explorer

  • dedicated plugin install/remove engine
  • dedicated plugin data import engine
  • plugin listing and deployment window
  • hooks for external web services directory of plugins

Derived Properties

  • non persistence content type properties
  • evaluated from a method call

It's an ambitious list of features for a point release so as we settle down to tackling the list it may well get pruned. Any feedback to what's important to you is much appreciated. Be sure to let us know if we're missing some critical component.


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