FarCry CMS Bundle v4.0.9 Released

written by Geoff Bowers on Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 05:03 PM

4.0.9 is a significant maintenance release incorporating a variety of minor enhancements to both the framework and associated plugins. The last bundle release was based on the 4.0.3 version of the framework, so if you haven't been keeping pace with the underlying framework updates here's a chance to deal with everything in one fell swoop.

4.0.9 Bundle Contents

4.0.9FarCry Core
1.0.2FarCry CMS Plugin
1.0.1Mollio Sample Project
1.0.0FarCry CFXImage Plugin
1.0.0FarCry Greybox Plugin
1.0.0Google Maps Plugin

Additional plugin details, installation instructions and options are available here: http://docs.farcrycms.org:8080/confluence/display/FCPLUG/Home

Installing for the First Time

You'll need to set up your environment and run the FarCry installer. Make sure you read the install guide. If you run into trouble just post a message to farcry-dev -- we're a friendly bunch.


No specific updater is required. Note you will need to run updater for 4.01 if you are upgrading from an earlier version. This update will require the application to be reinitialised. We try and make the update process as pain free as possible but as always make sure you test the update before applying it willy-nilly to your production environment.




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