FarCry Development Proceeding At A Blistering Pace

written by Geoff Bowers on Saturday, 21 July, 2007 @ 09:41 PM

State of the Nation for FarCry Framework: FarCry rocks. Development since the release of 4.0 has been fast and furious. The more production sites released the more minor fixes, mods and enhancements have made it into the core.

FarCry Code

Most people recognise FarCry as a CMS - but that's only part of the community. The FarCry Framework has really come into its own in the latest release. Download the framework, treat the CMS as a sample application and see what's possible.

  • Most recent CMS build: FarCry 4.0.3 (includes Core 4.0.3)
  • Most recent Core release: Core 4.0.5

Review the change log at any time through the community FishEye: http://fisheye3.cenqua.com/changelog/farcrycms/

Report a bug or a feature request: http://bugs.farcrycms.org/ 

FarCry Documentation

FarCry developer WIKI for 4.0 is being updated daily. Hey but we need help! Even the odd comment to say where you want more detail is a start.  Daemon has instructor-led contributor and developer courses available for FarCry 4.0 available in Australia and the US.  We're starting work on community user documentation next.

Community Support

The FarCry developer forum is busy -- with nearly 500 members.  Don't forget the User, Beta and other FarCry forums

FarCry Plugins

The 4.0 release has ushered in a whole new architecture for deploying and distributing shared code for FarCry: the plugin. Plugins can be anything from a complete solution, to a simple change to the configuration of an existing project.

Try adding Google Maps to your project with a single line of code :)



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