FarCry Inline Docs & Icons

written by Geoff Bowers on Thursday, 14 August, 2008 @ 08:20 PM

Seems like a silly thing, but one of my favourite FarCry 5.0 features is the ability to add inline documentation and icons to the webtop. We've been busy making things look pretty in the backend. It's weird how if it looks good, it "feels" good and its just more fun working with the framework.

Inline Docs Mockup

Additional attributes have been added to the webtop xml config. All you need to do is nominate a description with an optional icon and the webtop will render your landing page dynamically.

 label="Image Resize" 
 description="This utility allows you to resize thumbs across the entire media library."
 icon="calipers" />

Alternatively you can nominate a content type using relatedtype and FarCry will automatically pull the information from the component metadata.

 label="Media Library Images" 
 relatedtype="dmImage" />

FarCry has an icon library internally that you can leverage, or you can supplement or override icons within plugins and your project without ever having to change the core code base.

NearCry Blog Sneak Peek

My latest project has been beautifying the NearCry blogging application in preparation for its debut. Cute little blogging icons by BlogPerfume.


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