Infrastructure for Open Source Projects

written by Geoff Bowers on Saturday, 5 April, 2008 @ 03:10 PM

Infrastructure use to be a hurdle for many fledgeling communities but now you can have forums, version control, WIKI’s and issue trackers hosted for free in a multitude of places; Google Code, RIA Forge, Source Forge to name a few.

Google Code Hosting

If you are hoping to start a community around your open source release, out source as much infrastructure as you can. In the long run its going to save you time -- your most precious commodity. You'll have enough hours tied up in managing the community without having to worry about whether or not your infrastructure is available.

For the best, no fuss, places to set up a window on your open source efforts try:

  • Google Code: subversion, wiki, file server, issue tracking, forums/mailing lists with Google Groups
  • RIA Forge: subversion, blog, forums, issue tracking
  • Source Forge: subversion, file server, issue tracking, forums

There are lots of specialist hosts for sub-projects within a larger community, such as pgFoundry for Postgres developers. If you are already part of a bigger community you might consider asking around for what's on offer.

Looking at scaling up for a larger community? You might try a more personalised managed hosting solution like CVSDude, who offer free accounts for open source communities. CVSDude offer an integrated Trac and Subversion environment which can be a great start for more actively managed communities.

Daemon currently uses CVSDude for many of our commercial clients, in addition to hosting the FarCry Core open source code bases.