Inspire Session: FarCry Core is More Than Just a CMS

written by Geoff Bowers on Thursday, 6 September, 2007 @ 12:05 PM

Been working on an entertaining demo of what FarCry Core is really all about; building web applications. If you're at MAX be sure to check out my Inspire session on Wednesday after lunch. I'll be around for the week, talking up ColdFusion and the whole FarCry caper.

CEO of the world renowned ColdFusioneers at Daemon, Geoff's also the Keeper of the Goog, an Adobe Master Instructor, Adobe Community Expert for ColdFusion, organizer of the webDU conference and proud father of the FarCry community. Based in Sydney, Australia, Geoff occasionally gets let out for overseas jaunts and is a conference regular "rabbiting on" about code management, account management and the FarCry Framework.
Geoff Bowers, Daemon

Enough nonsense about me. The session itself is going to be a whirlwind tour of all sorts of FarCry bits, centered around the construction of a fairly complex little application built from the ground up. I'll be throwing in a bit of ColdFusion 8 magic, and talking about the projects future and the exciting things we have planned.

A flagship of the ColdFusion open source community, FarCry Core powers a vast array of web applications worldwide. Join Chief Architect, Geoff Bowers, as he takes the lid off the FarCry framework and the content management system (CMS) for which it's so popular. Aimed at newcomers and advocates alike, this session will tour the unique features and programming concepts of the FarCry 4.0 release to inspire others to join this fast growing ColdFusion community.
Inspire Session: FarCry Core is More Than Just a CMS

Looking forward to meeting you all :)

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