Pulse: Eclipse Made Easy

written by Geoff Bowers on Sunday, 6 January, 2008 @ 04:46 PM

Been playing with the new Pulse profile manager for Eclipse and I'm loving it. This no-nonsense, customisable Eclipse distribution is way better than trying to work out which version of Eclipse platform you need and trying to install and debug your favourite plugin configuration. Another major bonus for development teams is the ability to share profiles so that you can easily get the whole company running a similar programming environment.

Pulse: MyEclipse for the Masses

Genuitec (the makers of MyEclipse have released Pulse, a free online service for Eclipse users, that significantly streamlines the installation of Eclipse.

Pulse: CFEclipse Edition

You can select predefined profiles to install. It's great to see a dedicated CFEclipse profile for ColdFusion development.

Pulse: Stripped Down Eclipse

The resulting profile has only the plugins you select, giving it a kind of "lite" feel, dedicated to your chosen development environment.

Pulse: Customising Your IDE

Open up the Pulse perspective and you can browse the catalogue of plugins and other profiles.

Pulse: Adding Plugins to Your Profile

Once you have found the plugin you are after, just right click and add to your profile. For example, Subclipse is a must for Daemonite development.

Pulse: Associating Plugin with Profile

When you select the plugin you're asked to associate it with your installed profiles. This allows you to have streamlined profiles for different types of development rather than having everything installed at once.

Pulse: Productivity Tools

There's a whole range of plugins available through the Pulse catalogue, complete with summaries and ratings. You can still manually install plugins that are not registered in the catalogue.

Pulse: Custom Icon for the Dock

Your Pulse profile will show a custom icon in the dock on OSX. It's strange how good it feels to see a CFEclipse icon rather than the generic Eclipse icon.


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