webJamming Sydney: FarCry CRM on Show

written by Geoff Bowers on Saturday, 3 March, 2007 @ 09:01 AM

Had another crack at webJam this month. But despite my success last time, not even a mention in despatches. Still the daemonites were out in force and fun was had by all. Plus we got to show off the latest on FarCry CRM, give away webDU tickets and rub shoulders with the upper echelon of Sydney geekdom.

Photo's courtesy of Charlie Brewer .

webjam: Daemonite Support Group

Patrick and Erietta make up tonights Daemonite support group. Julie turns up a little later; too busy socialising to make this photo op.

webjam: Geoff With Chakrahs Jammed

Pre-jamming jitters. Geoff struggles to unjam his chakras prior to the big 3 minutes of glory.

webjam: farcry framework

So I had three minutes to get through the entire FarCry Framework. My penchant for ColdFusion makes me unusual amongst the motley crowd of open source advocates.

webjam: gtalk integration

I took a quick tour de force of the upcoming FarCry CRM. Opened with some sexy gTalk integration. Calling up contact and account through instant messenger is great. Fellow jammers seem to dig this bit.

webjam: Flow UI

FarCry CRM is based on the Flow UI -- another commerical FarCry plugin available from Daemon. Its hard not to like the smooth transitions from opening one little information pod to the next.

webdu: Prize Giving

Unlike Geoff's first place stardom in webJam 1, this time round not even a place. But I did have the task of awarding the best random voter door prize of the night.

webjam: Prize Giving Robot

My best impersonation of a "Prize Giving Robot". Big webDU ticket courtesy of Julie's artisitc skillz.


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