XStandard Rich Text Editor for FarCry

written by Geoff Bowers on Wednesday, 12 December, 2007 @ 12:47 PM

XStandard is the leading standards-compliant plug-in WYSIWYG editor for desktop applications and browser-based content management systems (IE/Firefox/Safari/Opera). And my favourite rich text editor to boot -- now available for FarCry.

The XStandard editor generates clean XHTML Strict or 1.1, and uses CSS for formatting, to ensure the clean separation of content from presentation. The editor is keyboard accessible, and markup generated by XStandard meets the most demanding accessibility requirements.

The FarCry community has been given permission to use a special version of XStandard Lite with many Pro features available. The back-traffic webservices that allow you to upload images and spelling are not available. However, we've been able to hook up media and content libraries for insertHTML templates.

Additional XStandard features offered under the open source CMS program include:

  1. The ability to browse, preview and insert images into the editor from an image library.
  2. The ability to browse and insert hyperlinks from an attachment/link
  3. The ability to browse and insert markup snippets from a library (called "Directory").
  4. The ability to retain structural markup when content is copied and pasted from applications like Microsoft Word.
  5. The ability to change icons via icons.xml file.
  6. The ability to define new buttons via buttons.xml file.
  7. The ability to raise and hook into JavaScript events from custom toolbar buttons.
  8. Support for Heartbeat feature.
  9. The ability to disable the time stamp in View Source.
  10. Customization of the message below XStandard to read "XStandard Lite for your CMS name" instead of the current message which reads: "XStandard Lite freeware version. Pro version available at http://xstandard.com".

Of course should you want to upgrade to the pro-version there's no reason we couldn't eventually support those additional features as part of the plugin.

Installation and implementation details available on the FarCry Plugin WIKI.


XStandard Integrates With Media Libraries

Close integration betwixt XStandard and FarCry media and content libraries.

XStandard Editor

Configure a list of format options for your specific project.

XStandard XHTML Compliance

Configurable compliance, inline validation and accessibility features.


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